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Pakistan statistics * Last updated: 14 Dec, 2022 - 08:21am

KARACHI: In a first, the National Institute of Cardio-Vascular Diseases (NICVD) on Tuesday removed a blood clot from the brain of a patient of paralysis stroke, ARY News reported. The National Institute of Cardio-Vascular Diseases (NICVD) has introduced a new free-of-cost treatment, similar to angioplasty, for patients with paralysis stroke. After the procedure, the condition of the patient is said to be stable. Employed for the first time in Pakistan, the treatment involves inserting a stent- a small tube- into a blocked nerve in the patient’s brain, said NICVD chairperson Dr Nadeem Qamar. He said that inserting a stent into the nerve, though, was an hour-long and complex procedure, it helped prevent paralysis after patients suffered a stroke- a condition that can lead to paralysis if not treated in time.Besides, Dr Qamar said the preparations for a heart transplantation facility at the NICVD were underway and it was expected to be made functional next year. In thisconnection, he added, the National Assembly and Senate had passed the Transplantation of Human Organ and Tissue Act 2010, permitting posthumous organ donation for organ transplantation. He also stressed the need to raise awareness about organ donation and transplantation on the national level. Source: Ary News (November02, 2021)