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National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases-NICVD’s I.T. Department has progressed in few years and now our services are directly proportional to Patient Care for e.g. implementation of centralized Hospital Information System, PACS, Infra Services and ERP.

The emerging growth of NICVD throughout the SINDH Province urges us to do something new for the institute and its patients. The I.T. Department’s tremendous efforts and vision of NICVD’s Honorable Executive Director, Professor Nadeem Qamar for the facilitation to patient care leads us to go Live with PACS from NICVD’s Satellite Centers.

The idea was initiated by Senior Professor of NICVD that embarks I.T. to provide solution that nourishes Patient Care.

All PCI and angioplasties are viewed live in “Cath Lab Control Center” Karachi. This latest facility has been done first time in Pakistan.

The edge of technology helps Professors/Consultants to advice better patient stunting and provide quality treatment to patients while based in Karachi.

Other than this, for the sake of patients facilitation and ease, Online Lab reports were also introduced at NICVD Official website and readily available throughout the world.

I.T. Department has achieved following milestones:

Future Projects: